“the cool state of mind resulting from the extinction of defilements; [the Buddha] termed it ‘the cessation of suffering’.“
— Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

Nibbāna, or nirvana, is the realization of non-self (anatta,/span.) and emptiness (sunyata). Also called ‘samadhi‘ — ‘enlightenment’. It can mark the end of rebirth by stilling the fires that keep the process of rebirth going.

The literal meaning is “blowing out”, as a candle, or “quenching”, as putting out a fire.

Another meaning of nibbāna is “cool”.
“Nirvana is a natural condition which has two aspects — the state of mind that is free from defilements and thus cool, while the body and sense faculties are not cool, and the state of mind wherein the sense faculties have cooled down.” — Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

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