“Perfection” — literal meaning “completed”.
The Six Perfections are dāna, sīla, kṣānti, vīrya, dhyāna, prajñā. The Ten Perfections add sacca, adhiṭṭhāna, mettā, upekkhā.

“implies that all of these characteristics are natural qualities of the heart that we can develop, that we can perfect. …
“The perfections are ten specific ways of benefiting other beings. … Additionally striking: the perfections are not specifically Buddhist. These ‘sacred adornments of the heart’ are found historically among people of good will everywhere on our planet.”
— Jean Smith, “Making the Buddha’s perfections our own”, https://www.lionsroar.com/making-the-buddhas-perfections-our-own/

( pi: also pāramitā | sa: pāramitā

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