An important Buddhist concept referring to “attachment, clinging, grasping”. It is considered to be the result of taṇhā (craving), and is part of the dukkha (suffering, pain) doctrine in Buddhism.
upadhi dukkhassa mūlanti: “Attachment is the root of suffering.”

The idea is not clinging or attachment to the thing itself, but the mental state of clinging to one’s thoughts about it, that leads to dukkha. It is that mental state that we want to detach from, let go of — not the thing or person.

The literal meaning is “fuel, material cause, substrate that is the source and means for keeping an active process energized”.

( sa: upadana उपादान | bo: len pa ལེན་པ | zh-cn: qǔ 取 | ja: shu 取 | ko: chui 取(취) | vi: thủ 取 | en: attachment )