Kanjanaburi Retreat

Advanced Vipassana meditation retreat is planned to be held monthly at Kanjanaburi, in western Thailand.

You must have already done a [drg_link link=/retreat/ title=”go to Retreat page”]retreat[/drg_link] at Khao Tham.

The most important thing is your strong will to practice.

Please [drg_link link=/the-center/contact/ title=”go to Contact information page”]contact Tookata[/drg_link] for more information. You can
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Getting there

Kanchanaburi city is about 3 hours drive from Bangkok. Information about Kanchanburi, the surrounding areas, how to get there, and more, at [drg_link link=https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Kanchanaburi title=”go to Kanchanburi info at WikiVoyage.org”]WikiVoyage[/drg_link]

More details to come soon

The Buddha in full lotus meditation posture, right hand offering a lotus to you.