Kindfulness Retreat

Kindfulness Meditation and Healing Course : 15 days

Date : 20 December 2019 to 5 January 2020

Location : Khao Tham Insight Meditation Center, Wat Khao Tham, Baan Tai, Koh Phangan. (More information on the Khao Tham Location page)

Teacher : Dr. Natacha Thamthanapaisarn

Cost : The total cost of the course is 650 USD (20,000 Thb. This includes the fee for the course of 500 USD (15,000 Thb), and a separate donation for accommodation and meals of 150 USD (5,000 Thb).

How to register :
Download the application form
Contact Dr. Natacha Thamthanapaisarn by email at for registration, scholarship inquiry, and additional information.

The course

This is a special course for those who are interested in an advanced course, or who wish to be a meditation teacher. The course deals with stress anxiety, depression, and mental disorder through meditation healing.

The aim of Teaching: Learn from the course

  1. Start with basic and learn the advanced technique well.
  2. Go deeper with group and flow with deepest private teaching.
  3. Applies in your life, family, business in relationship.

The Core of Dhamma Teaching : PMP354 Model

  1. Threefold Learning (1. Training in higher morality; 2. Training in higher mentality; 3. Training in higher wisdom)
  2. The Power : Controlling faculty; (1. Confidence 2. Energy; effort 3. Mindfulness 4. Concentration 5. wisdom; understanding.)
  3. The sublime states of mind ; (1. Loving kindness 2.Compassion 3.Sympathetic joy 4.Equanimity.)

Kindfulness has an operating system by which it runs 5 presuppositions,

such as #1 “A thought is not a territory” because What happens in our mind or anyone’s is caused by thoughts in our brains. It’s just another perspective from past stories that we’ve experienced, not real territories or events. It is just some of the information that we perceived.

When anyone tells a story about what happened, they merely tell what they perceived from that event, not the whole story, and gives some meaning from the conclusions of their past experience as a decision. Therefore, we need to realize that what they say is a point of view, not all of the truth. We must learn to forgive.

Forgiveness of all of the past, in order to actually lead to the present moment phenomena.

If we can change the structure of past experiences to confidence positive energy here and now, it means that we can permanently change our life on that matter.

It is really amazing, isn’t it? We can change the meaning in every situation of ourselves or others, where every problem isn’t a problem anymore. Because we don’t feel bad about it.

How much happiness and success can be achieved?

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