About Kindfulness healing

In a stroke of life, the genius turns mindfulness through Kindfulness:
The Practice that opens our heart to healing ourselves and others.

by Dr. Natacha Thamthanapaisarn

When we give kindness Here and Now to mindfulness, we get “kindfulness”. Kindfulness is the cause of relaxation. It brings ease to the body, to the mind, and to the world. Kindfulness allows healing to happen,for stress, anxiety, depression, or mental disorder.

Kindfulness healing is a mindful-giving kindness to ourselves through meditation practice. It is a methods time to be aware of “Here and Now” to change our life, not just our thoughts. Kindfulness is a mindful and kindness approval when you are aware of those beings in front of you all situations. It’s a traditionally virtues. Let’s fill and flow ourselves, mind and body with it!

Judgement distinction, discernment, and discrimination are all with kindfulness in itself. The modern society now is more technologically advanced than other times. This is not an indicator that people in society are always really happy. The situations hard works or competing in society to receive benefits causes stress, anxiety, and depression. So, this is a result that will ultimately affect the physical and mental health. What will be an achievement for solutions problem?

The core info of what we share regarding these issues is as follows:

In the Buddhism perspective, everything happens based on cause and effect. In other words reason and result. If we generated a reason it has a result. So, stress, anxiety, depression, etc., are results, effects of reasons, cause. All solutions for the result will give us temporary satisfaction out of the situation. If we want a permanent solution we need to look into cause(s) to establish what causing the stress, anxiety, and depression. We have to analyse our own thinking, our expectation, our expectations from others, our own behavior, etc., relating to three cause roots of any act: Loba (like, love, ), Dosa (dislike, anger), Moha (measuring between like and dislike). This is the cause of all problems.

Refer to The Buddha’s teaching about the end of stress! The Buddha’s instruction for mind/kindfulness to a man called Bahiya who had only a short time left to live:

“Bāhiya, you should train yourself thus:

“In reference to the seen, there will be only the seen. In reference to the heard, only the heard. In reference to the sensed, only the sensed. In reference to the cognized, only the cognized. That is how you should train yourself.

“When for you there will be only the seen in reference to the seen, only the heard in reference to the heard, only the sensed in reference to the sensed, only the cognized in reference to the cognized, then, Bāhiya, there is no you in connection with that.

“When there is no you in connection with that, there is no you there. When there is no you there, you are neither here nor yonder nor between the two.”

(Tipitaka Ud 1.10 PTS: Ud 6.)