Dhamma for scientific use

Dhamma for Scientific Use for Development of Permanent Happiness for Psychotherapy

by Chaiyen Ratnavijarn, M.D.

Dhamma is the highest doctrine of the Buddha’s teaching. It is pure science of mentality, could be found only in Theravada Buddhism, however could be incompletely found in Mahayana as well as in all other Buddhist Sects, but all are philosophy, not pure science.

According to the Buddha’s teaching, human life consists of two separated units, of a physical body and of an unformed sphere of mentality. Both units (bodies) were subjected to be same fashions of anatomic dissection from macro- to micro-anatomies of final level of cells in both bodies. This is the way enable to find the real pathologies of diseases in both bodies for treatment of radical cure in any disease in both bodies. This anatomic study of the unformed sphere of mentality was completely studied only by the Buddha 2,600 years ago, and well written reports in the Abhidhmma sections of Tipatika. So far there had not been any study by anyone in modern medicine.

The way to gain happiness Dalii Lama said if the goal to increase human happiness, should effort to be developed technique that individual can practice to increase personal happiness? It seemed that the best out of the debate could only be quite contentious. Some championing the social approach were positive psychology, but still with unclear explanation of what and how to practice.

There is no moment of happiness in mental disorders’ lives. If a little happiness happened to any mental disorder, that would be the sign of improvement. If happiness could be daily happened to the mental disorder that is cured permanently. It means that naturally all mental disorder patients always in every moment of thinking of unpleasant things (their mind in akusala citta — the citta of mental disorder) when happiness daily happened into their mind, they would think always of good things and happiness (their mind would be in Kusala citta — the citta of a normal person).

This is the way of the Buddha’s citta transformative technology. The practice of this technology is by firstly only simply daily offering metta to mother, parents, relatives, teachers, and all personal respectful persons and to all creatures. These practices are daily among normal persons.