Wake Up the World

Wake Up the World: From Mindfulness to Kindfulness approach

by Dr. Puvanart Keoplang

The world is in chaos due to new culture globalization and technology disruption. Our international meditation working group researched and proposed the innovative learning approach called “Kindfulness Transformation” as a model for “Caring for the World and for Each Other”. This converging approach will be implemented regardless of mindset, belief, or religion to develop people’s mindset through mindfulness activities to wake people up from suffering and confusion.

The workgroup used Lord Buddha’s main principles and King Rama IX of Thailand’s work principles as the guiding principles. The objectives of the study were learning and living together for daily life with happiness and understanding. Five projects were conducted in Thailand and India using two models between the Home-Temple-School model and the Temple-Buddha’s places model for Practical Buddhism. The subjects of the study were monks, students, parents, and laypeople. The methodology of the research was ethnographic research.

The finding shows that the main obstacle is people’s mindset, and the top opportunity is understanding the Lord Buddha’s principles and its context. The benefit of this research work is a capstone International Innovative Mindfulness Meditation model for both physical space and virtual space.