Aids to practice

The practice is sitting, walking, and being, and all you really need for that is your own body and mind. Still, sometimes our small human selves can use a little help. 🙂

As always, everything discussed here is freely available, and good for you. More info is welcome!.


  • MindBell – Meditation timer / mindfulness reminder
    No unneeded permissions, no ads, no internet connection needed. No gimmicks. Lots of help on the website. Android only. The author does not plan to make a version for iOS. The creator of MindBell is himself a meditator. Personal experience: This app is exactly what i was looking for. And there is the additional comfort in trusting the motivation of its author. MindBell website
    Google Play 7 jul 2019
  • Other meditation apps
    There are many meditation apps available, with various combinations of guidance, music, teachings, timers, session logging, internet connection, and more. Also various combinations of saving and possibly misusing personal information — yours as well as those you are connected with. You can search for meditation apps on your phone’s app store, and then it can be a good idea to do some searching on the Web as well to verify the behaviour, usefulness, and safety of the app.


The sound of a bell is a way to call for attention — maybe loudly when calling to everyone in the area, maybe gently at the beginning and ending of the meditation session itself. It can be nice even when you are meditating alone and ring it for yourself.

Thich Nhat Hanh says “inviting the bell.”


Sitting in lotus, half-lotus, burmese, or mermaid position:
A thin cushion to sit on, is more comfortable for the legs and butt, and helps us relax.
A small cushion under the butt, puts our pelvis in a more normal position, and usually helps us to sit longer.
Depending on physique, some people find it useful to use cushions under knees or thighs, or other arrangements.
Sitting on meditation bench (seiza):
Be aware of the height, width, and angle of the bench, and see what works best for you.
You may like a thin cushion on the bench.
You may like small cushions under your knees, feet, ankles.
Sitting in chair:
A cushion can be more comfortable on a hard chair.
You may like a small cushion behind your back, under your spine, under the backs of your knees.


This meditator likes to wrap himself in a light shawl that he has had for years. It seems like a reminder: “you are going into a different space now.” Sometimes covering the head, like a soft divider from the outside world.


What you put in your body, affects your mind.