A small glossary

These are some of the words and phrases we will come across in our dhamma studies and in Thailand.

Many more words, including all that are used in the definition rollovers on this website, are on the full Glossary page.

[bo - Tibetan]    [en - English]    [sa - Sanskrit]    [pi - Pali]    [th - Thai]    [zh-cn - Chinese simplified]    [zh - Chinese traditional]

kuti   [th] – A small house or hut where a monk lives.

dhamma   [pi] – Way of living; path; rules.

emptiness   [en] – The concept that nothing exists of itself on its own side. “A flower consists entirely of non-flower elements.”

merit   [en] – the inner purification that occurs through virtuous acts of body, speech and mind.

sabai   [th] – Take it easy.

self   [en] – the bit that’s causing all the trouble.

interdependence   [en] – everything is a part of everything else.

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page revised: 28 June 2018

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