Virtual sangha

There are online sangha groups for many of the Buddhist traditions. They are usually run by an established dhamma center, but may also be led by an individual teaching on their own. They may get together through Skype, Discord, WhatsApp, etc.

Just as when meeting people and teachers in the physical world, you want to use your good judgment, and “test the gold” always.

Only groups which do not charge fees, and which do not violate your privacy, will be listed here. If you know of any other virtual sanghas, please send info to the webmaster.

Online sanghas list

So far we don’t have any personal experience with any of these, so any information and experiences is welcome.

  • Plumline — “supporting online practice in the Plum Village tradition” Zen tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh; many groups; use different methods for meeting online. The list of groups is at Google docs 6 jul 2019
  • Bhavana Society Theravada tradition; group meditations, sutta readings, book study sessions; Discord server There doesn’t seem to be any information about this group on the Bhavana Society website; i got this info from the Buddhism StackExchange discussion listed below. 6 jul 2019

Online forums and discussions

  • Buddhism StackExchange discussion forums. All traditions, but seem to have a majority on Theravada and Vipassana. Very active, with some very knowledgeable people here. 6 jul 2019
  • Bhikkhu Jayasara on Reddit. (This is not Bhikkhu Jayasaro — it is a different teacher.) Theravada tradition 6 jul 2019
  • Virtual Dhamma – Vinaya Vihara discussion forums. Theravada tradition 6 jul 2019

Lists and info about sanghas online

  • Online Sangha groups discussion at Buddhism StackExchange “What Internet-based Sangha groups are out there? Are there any other lists of online Sanghas you can share?”