Also known as “Rules and Regulations”

They are “boundaries” because like a small child playing, they keep us safe while we explore our minds, our selves, and the dhamma!

We are safely bounded on four sides by the customs of our Thai hosts, our Code of Conduct, our Dress Code, and the eight Buddhist Precepts which we take at the beginning of retreat.

Please read all four pages above carefully. If a person cannot follow the guidelines and rules there, they are probably not ready for retreat and should not attend.

If any of the following are done by any retreatant at any time at Khao Tham, that person will be asked to leave Khao Tham immediately:

  • Breaking any item of our Code of Conduct by such actions as:
    • Smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs (other than prescribed medicines).
    • Sexual activity.
    • Leaving the Khao Tham grounds unless expressly arranged with the Manager or Staff.
    • Talking or excessive gesturing during the seven days of silent retreat.
    • Visiting dorms of the other gender.
  • Not keeping any of the other Five/Eight Buddhist Precepts which we take at the beginning of the Silent Retreat.
  • Wearing tight, see-through, and/or skimpy clothing -- that is, not in conformance with our Dress Code.
  • Behaving disrespectfully to Buddha or other sacred images, to a teacher, or to a monk -- all parts of the Thai culture which is generously accepting us.

It’s really not as hard as it looks! 🙂 It’s only 10 days. And it’s all a part of being mindful — which is what we are here for.