In the usual retreat at Khao Tham, every morning and evening we recite a subset of the traditional Theravada Buddhist chants The chants are in the Pali language.

The chants

In the chants, we honor the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha, and recommit ourselves to the Three Refuges and the Eight (Five) Precepts. And we do another set of chants to generate and build the metta (loving-kindness) in our hearts and send it out to the world — this is the culmination and purpose of our practice.

Here are the chants that we do. (Working on putting them all on pages here, with PDF files for printing.)

Said every morning – Morning Chanting:
To Buddha, Dharma, Sangha – araham samma-sambuddho …
Homage – namo tassa bhagavato …
Said morning and evening:
Going for Refuge – buddham saranam gacchami …
Taking the Eight [Five] Precepts – Panatipata veramani …
Said every evening – Evening Chanting:
Recollection of the Buddha – itipi so bhagava … and the Dhamma svakkhato bhavagata dhamo …
and the Sangha – svakkhato bhagavata dhammo …
Said morning and evening:
The Sublime Attitudes (brahma vihara) – mettakarunamuditaupekkha
Metta to oneself – aham sukhito homi
Pattidana – metta to everyone and everything (transference of merits) – idang me matapitunang hotu

With a page explaining basic pronunciation of Pali.


Texts of all the chants, in Pali and English, with explanations and sound files, are available on many websites.

With sound

  • Listen line-by-line at
  • Listen to entire chants: Chanting the Dhamma, at
  • Extended version of chants, listen online, and downloadL Chanting the Dhamma by the Buddhist Sangha of Western Australian (BSWA), at
  • Texts of the chants in Pali and English, with sound files for each chant: Thannissaro Bhikkhu’s Chanting Guide at