Daily life at Khao Tham

We can use every daily action and interaction to remember that we are all interdependent and to practice loving-kindness.

Some of the things we can do are:

  • See a dirty dish or pot: Wash it.
  • See a littered floor: Sweep it.
  • See a lot of fallen leaves: Rake them up.
  • See some mess in the drinking water area, the dorm, or anywhere: Clean it up.
  • See something out of place: Put it in its place.
  • See a good stick laying around anywhere: Pick it up and put it next to dining hall entrance, meditation hall entrance, lower parking lot sign — anywhere that somebody can use it for dogs while walking.
  • See shoes blocking a doorway: Gently move them to the side.
  • See a chicken (or two or three) in the dining hall: Gently shoo them out.
  • Bothered by a distracting thought, unpleasant (in your reality) person, mosquitoes, heat, food, … ? Breathe, pay attention, think metta, do your work.