About the website

The intent of this website is to provide information about the Kow Tham Insight Meditation Center and the retreats it offers, along with some general information about its neighbor monastery Wat Kow Tham, and about Buddhism itself.

The website is developed and maintained with the WordPress CMS and some associated coding. All code is open source and available for anyone.

Web development and maintenance is done as dāna by an experienced web developer. Web hosting is provided the same by WorldBridges.

Security and privacy

Secure practices are followed to protect the website itself, and to protect your privacy and your computer’s security.

No tracking is used on this site, and no personally-identifiable information is held from your visit to this site. The ip number of your ISP is logged, as it is on every website in the world — that is the only way the server can know how to send the web page back to you! And from that we can see graphs showing us which countries our visitors are (probably) coming from — which is nice. But we do not track or otherwise analyze those logs.

The WordPress CMS puts a few cookies in your browser, which are deleted when you close it.

Third-party tracking

There is third-party tracking occurring on this website. I would rather not allow this at all, but there are features that i find too useful to leave out, but which do set cookies to track you:

  • Google’s translation tool, on all pages. This translation feature is just so helpful, as we have visitors and retreatants from all over the world. Google is a notorious tracker and privacy-invader; learn how to protect yourself here.

You can protect yourself from third-party tracking on this and all websites by disabling it in your web browser. it is not at all hard to do. One place for good instructions is HowToGeek.com


Your comments about the Center and the retreats are encouraged, and there is a comment form on almost every page on the site. Comments are moderated: They do not appear automatically, but every comment is read and possibly edited before it is published.

Website feedback

Your input is very welcome to help us know how this website can best serve you. You can leave a comment here, for the public to read as well as the site admin, or you can leave a private message for the site admin at the contact form.

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