Contact the Center

On this page you can contact the Kow Tham Center manager, our teacher, or the site webmaster.

Contact the Kow Tham manager

  • For questions about the retreat and the center.
  • You can also contact Tookata by email or phone, and you can talk to her any time before and during the retreat.

Tookata Sookkasem
+66 (0)8 7974 9465
took.sookkasem AT

Contact our teacher

  • For questions about meditation and the Dhamma.
  • You can contact Phra Marut by email and Facebook, as well as at designated times at the retreat.

marutd042 AT
Phone: +66 8409 92867, +66 8827 06503

Contact the Kow Tham webmaster:

  • For questions about this website.
  • To let us know how we can make the website better.