Contact the Center

On this page you can contact the Kow Tham Center manager↓, our teacher↓, or the site webmaster↓.

Contact the Kow Tham manager

You can ask Tookata Sookkasem questions about the retreat and the center through this form. You can also contact her by email or phone, and you can talk to her any time before/during/after a retreat.

took.sookkasem AT +66 (0)8 7974 9465 KowThamVipassana @KowThamCenter

Contact our teacher

You can ask Phra Marut questions about meditation and the Dhamma: Through email and Facebook before and after the retreat, and in person at designated times during the retreat.

marutd042 AT +66 8409 92867, +66 8827 06503 Marut.Damchaom Marut Damchaom

Contact the Kow Tham web admin:

Your thoughts about this website, about Web security and privacy, and how we can make the website better.

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page revised: 1 July 2018