Meditating at Khao Tham

Many people come up to Khao Tham daily and walk around the monastery and the meditation center. Those who wish to meditate here as well are very welcome to do so at any time!

There are many nice places for [drg_link link=/teachings/what-is-meditation/ title=”go to Meditation page”]sitting and walking meditation[/drg_link]: The Meditation Hall of course, the Temple, the Chedi of Mae Chee Ahmon, the Viewpoint. And nice spots in the trees are everywhere. There are sandy walking grounds all over: Between the Temple and the Meditation hall, in front of the Mae Chee Ahmon Chedi, at the foot of the Viewpoint, and at the small “Buddha footprint” temple on the Viewpoint. There are meditation cushions in the Temple and also in the small hall next to the Viewpoint steps.

(Of course during retreat please do not use the meditation hall or upper meditation grounds, and at all times do not disturb the monks’ and meditators’ kutis and living areas.)

If you wish to have some basic meditation guidance, you can often find a resident farang meditator or a Thai monk to talk and/or sit with you. Come any time, or [drg_link link=/the-center/contact/ title=”go to contact page”]contact us[/drg_link] if you would like to formally arrange something.

Samatha and Vipassana sitting and walking meditation is most appropriate to do here at Khao Tham, but other forms of quiet meditation would be fine as well. Yoga, dancing, chanting, etc, would not be appropriate to do here.

Always on the Khao Tham grounds, we follow the same [drg_link link=/retreat/boundaries/ title=”go to customs and boundaries page”]Thai customs and dress code[/drg_link] as we do on retreat.

If you would like to stay longer at Khao Tham and do practice, please check the information about [drg_link link=/the-center/staying/ title=”go to staying at Khao Tham info”]Staying at Khao Tham[/drg_link].