Khao Tham Center staff

Some of the staff members who keep Khao Tham running for you are:

  • Khun Maninee “Tookata” Sookasem — Retreat Manager
  • Kate — Social media
  • Mayumi — Social media
  • Mae Chee Kanika — Cook
  • Kid, Nou, Yut, and But — Maintenance and repairs
  • Walker “Anagarika Balo” — Website
  • Pui — Our lady dog who keeps watch over us all day long
  • Dogs

Each retreat will also have several volunteers who are also taking retreat or who have come from outside.

All staff are volunteer. Just like the teachers, none receive any financial benefit from their service to Khao Tham. The maintenance team do get a small salary, nowhere near matching the amount of work they put in. They all do it for dhamma.