Staying at Khao Tham

It can be possible to stay at Khao Tham Center, either for more “unwinding” time after a retreat, or for a longer period.

  • The person would have completed at least one retreat at Khao Tham Center.
  • They would be expected to be desirous of living a monk/nun life, and need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally self-sufficient.
  • They would be expected to adhere to the Eight Precepts
  • and to be doing some Theravada practice such as sitting and walking meditation.
  • If doing other practices, these would need to be in line with and acceptable to our Theravada and Thai culture.
  • The person would take a full part in the life of Khao Tham, such as raking leaves, helping in the kitchen, being aware of anything that needs to be done.

Khao Tham Center is not a residency or guest house, and there is no “booking”. There is no formal structure for managing residents. The person would want to be at Khao Tham for the purpose of dhamma, not for a place to hang out.

Contact Tookata for more information and permission to stay at Khao Tham.