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Over the years, retreatants have written up their Khao Tham meditation experiences in many places all over the Web.

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  1. Khao Tham is a beautiful place; Tookata, the manager is doing her best….

    But Dr. Marut, the Dharma teacher — his teachings are not inspiring and profound and he has very strange ideas of women: “a woman belongs to a man and has to serve him — this is her natural place on earth” etc…. I doubt, that these ideas are based on Buddha’s teaching; they show us Thailand’s patriarchal and conservative paradigms and beliefs!? To listen to these ideas on the 7th or 8th day of a vipassana retreat was quite shocking…..

  2. Meditation center is perfect for Vipassana. Dr. Marut is perfect teacher, Tookata is wonderful.

    [from Facebook KowthamVipassana page]

  3. Very nice experience and a quiet place to meditate. The food was good and everything is donation based. I liked the dhamma teachings, they were very good.

    [from Facebook KowthamVipassana page]

  4. Charging a fee of 5000 baht is not a donation, not in line with Buddha Dhamma, and is a rip off, given the poor quality of the food, poorer quality accommodation and poor meditation instruction, most students leave early feeling ripped off.

    [From Facebook KowthamVipassana page]

      1. I was there and I didn’t have to pay anything. Everything is donation based. I think this guy is a spammer.

        [From Facebook KowthamVipassana page]

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