A Thai Buddhist wat (monastery, or temple) has several traditional structures. Some of them, such as the ordination hall, it must have in order to be called a wat.

Of the traditional structures, Wat Kow Tham has these:

the entire temple complex.
Bot or Phra Ubosot (Ordination hall)
This is the main prayer room; the building where monks get ordained, and is also used for other important temple rituals.
Viharn (Assembly hall)
We have the dining hall and meditation hall at Kow Tham Center, and there is a mediation hall on the grounds of the Wat as well.
An important and sacred structure of the wat. Originally, a chedi contained relics of the Buddha, later on the remains of Kings or a very important monk. Our chedi contains the remains of our founder Head Nun Mae Chee Ahmon.
An open pavilion, for shelter and resting.
Living quarters of monks living in the Wat.

Here is a nice page giving a nice summary of all structures of a Thai Buddhist temple/monastery.

page revised: 17 June 2018

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